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Season of change

 End of our summer season 

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Summer Opening July 1 2017

 The Cookhouse and Sleep Yurts will be opening for the summer quite soon! 

Tags: dinner, Camping, Summer

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Yurt Pricing Increase for 2017-2018


Tags: Camping, Sleep Yurt, cost

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Wine Special!!

Tags: Cookhouse, dinner, Wine

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Special For Sleep Yurts!

Tags: Sleep Yurt, Discount, Promotion, Wine, Beer

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Snowshoe Tours to Lunch

Tags: Cookhouse, Leadville, Snowshoe tour

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Ted Mullings & The Climax

 Book signing for Ted Mullings "The Climax" Friday at Harperrose Gallery 5-8pm

Tags: Leadville, Ted Mullings, Climax Mine, Book Signing

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Seasonal Specials Are Ready!!

Small businesses working together!

Tags: Leadville, Summer, Train, Railroad, Partnerships, Local Businesses, Packages, Halfmoon Packing & Outfitting, Horseback riding

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Yurts Are Fun!

 Smitten with Yurts & colorful bursts!

Tags: Leadville, Harper-rose, Local Artists

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Mountain Soiree Wedding Resource

Tags: Cookhouse, Leadville, Nordic Center, Weddings, Media

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