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Tennessee Pass News

Ted Mullings & The Climax

 Join us this Friday, October 16 from 5-8pm in Leadville at Harperrose Gallery for Ted Mullings book signing, "The Climax." 

"Mr. Ted Mullings showed up to Leadville in 1954 hoping to get a job at Climax Mine. He not only worked there, but put his artistic mark on it for several years. From designing safety manuals & maps, to illustrating cartoons in The Moly News in an edition he called, The Climax. He was an illustrator for the mine and created these humorous drawings for the paper until he retired in 1982. The cartoons capture and illustrate Leadville's mining heritage from that era as well as our quirky, hearty & adventurous small mountain town lifestyle that is very much present today."


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