...ski, dine, sleep, repeat!



Located in the heart of the Rockies enables us to showcase spectacular events held on our property. We are pleased to share the following events!

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   Wedding: Matt & Shanda
Venue: Nordic Center  


How did you two meet? 

Matt and I met through family. We attended a kid friendly New Years celebration and first felt the spark during a Guitar Hero marathon. Matt and I ended up playing until 4am, eventually beating the silly video game.   

 What was your first date like?

Matt invited me to go skiing with him. I lived in Florida at the time and was visiting Colorado. I made up excuses; I didn’t bring any of my gear and was reluctant to go just the two of us. He invited his best friend who brought his wife’s gear for me to borrow.  I had no other reason to say no! It was a blast and the spark we felt grew even stronger. 4 years later, Matt proposed to me in the trees of a ski mountain! 

What was one of your favorite memories about your wedding?

For all the women in my family, my mom personalized handkerchiefs she made from my late grandma’s old tea cloths (as my something old to share with the family). I thought I miss counted when I handed them out and didn’t get one for myself. Everyone was so touched by the sentimental gift I couldn’t dare ask for someone to give theirs up. On the day of my wedding, I walked down the isle and of course had tears pouring down my face by the time I reached my groom. I was mad at myself for not having a tissue in my bouquet. But then, my groom heroically pulled out one of the handkerchiefs my mom made from his sleeve and handed it to me. Our photographer took a photo at that moment and I had the biggest smile on my face!   My husband’s favorite memory was when he was getting dressed and ready at the church for the ceremony. His entire family stepped in his room to give their best wishes before his big moment. My Aunt and wedding coordinator capitalized on that moment to pin his boutonniere on him. Without anyone’s knowledge, I put his late father’s photo on his boutonniere so that he could have his father with him at the wedding. My groom and his family wept with happy tears!

What did you do for your honeymoon? Travel / keep it local?

For our wedding night we stayed in a yurt at Tennessee Pass and hosted a Bon Voyage Brunch for wedding guests before we set of on a road trip to California for two weeks. We renovated an old camper and packed it full of our toys, such as our peddle bikes and kayaks. It was an amazing experience as we felt free from our adult lives and lived and loved like teenagers! We headed to the coast and cruised the hwy 101 coastline, stopping to play and explore as we seen good places for adventure. 9 months later, we are expecting our first baby together any moment now! 

Officiant: Pastor Jim Thaler of Rocky Mountain Presbyterian Church
Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Men’s Warehouse     
Photographer: Artfully Amy
Equipment Rentals: Tennessee Pass Nordic Center
Hair Stylist: Headress Salon - Abby
Dress Store/ Designer: Yupdress.com
Caterer: Tennessee Pass Cookhouse
Cake Designer: Cakes by Karen in Denver
Hair Stylist: Headress Salon in Denver - Abby
Makeup Artist: self
Floral Designer: Jill Smith of RJS Designs

Event Planner: self
DJ: self
Event Venue: Tennessee Pass Nordic Center




Real Wedding: Tyron & Veronica
Venue: Nordic Center

How did the two of you meet? 

We met over a set of tires for an F-350. Part of my job was maintenance and repair of the company vehicle fleet. One day I took a truck into the local quick lube for some new tires, and this guy asked me how he could help. He was cute and funny and pretty charming when it came to tire tread. We had about 20 vehicles in the fleet, all of which needed some type of work or service and I was more than happy to take them in, and visit with the ‘cute guy at the tire shop’. 

If you remember, what was your first date like?

We met for drinks after work one night, at the same bar that just happened to be a weekly social event for the college aged staff I worked with. Luckily none of them noticed him charming me with his sarcastic humor and generous smile.

What was one of your favorite memories about your wedding?

Our wedding was so fun and unique. We had invited friends and family to our ‘engagement’ party, and then during the afternoon, announced that we were getting married! I think there were 4 people in the room, who knew. Everyone was shocked and happy and just took it in their stride. We had written up different parts of the ceremony on little cards that we handed out to people we wanted to be a part of it. A couple of friends helped me change into my wedding dress, another played the wedding march on her fiddle and our dog was the ring bearer. 

The Tennessee Pass Nordic Center was the perfect setting for a perfect wedding. It is charming and intimate, with a gorgeous deck overlooking a beautiful mountain range. We were able to do the ceremony, pictures, dinner and party all the in the same location. Ty and Roxanne knew about our plan, and were more than willing to help us pull it off.

People still tell us that it was the best wedding they have been to!