Room Service

Relax at your Sleep Yurt

While We Prepare & Deliver Delicious Meals and Beverages!

Choose from the following menus and wine list to have food and drinks catered to your yurt!

Please pre-order breakfast baskets, dinners, and wine selections at the time of your yurt reservation.

Room service dinners can be delivered to your yurt between 5:00 PM & 6:00 PM.

 * * *

Room Service Breakfast

(price is per person & includes delivery)

Breakfast Basket     $12
Comes with a piece of fruit, fruit juice, banana nut bread, and a dry oatmeal mix to prepare in your yurt.

Morning Mimosas     $10
Includes single serve Borgo Magredo Prosecco and orange juice to be mixed to your liking.

Room Service Dinner

(price is per person & includes delivery)

Italian Buffalo Meatloaf     $24
Stuffed with herbs & feta cheese, served with sweet potato mash
and steamed vegetables.

Soup of the Day    $15
Served with French bread.

Buffalo Chili     $15
A bowl of our Hearty buffalo chili with homemade cornbread.

Ground Beef & Italian Sausage Lasagna    $22
A generous portion of our classic Italian lasagna served with a garden salad.

Vegetarian Enchilada     $20
A delicious vegetarian take on enchiladas served with a garden salad

* * *
($30 minimum order for catered dinners with at least 1 week’s notice- thank you!)

Room Service Wine

We have a variety of wines by the bottle that can be pre-ordered and delivered to your yurt.  Make a selection from our wine list.