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Reserve Your Lunch, Dinner, or a Sleep Yurt!

Our Reservations & Cancellations Policies

Please read our reservation policies below & call 719-486-8114 to make your reservation. Or if you prefer to book your sleep yurt online today, please click the button above. 


• A reservation is required for all Cookhouse dinners and lunches, and Sleep Yurt rentals.
• RESERVATIONS REQUIRE A CREDIT CARD AND DIRECT CONFIRMATION OF YOUR RESERVATION by a Tennessee Pass staff member.  Your credit card is not charged until your visit with us, or in the unlikely event of an unresolved cancellation issue.
• YOU CANNOT MAKE A RESERVATION by leaving a phone or an email message for us- even if you are returning a call about a potential reservation.  Please be sure to speak directly with our staff to confirm all reservations.
• Entree selections for Cookhouse dinners must be made at least 48 hours in advance of your reservation date.


• Cookhouse dinner reservations require cancellation by phone at least 72 hours prior to your reservation date.
• Sleep Yurt reservations require cancellation by phone within the following times:
Sleep Yurt reservations for Monday-Thursday:    5 days prior notice
Sleep Yurt reservations for Friday-Sunday:          7 days prior notice
• Sleep Yurt or Cookhouse cancellations made outside cancellation windows may be subject to a 100% charge of reservation.

Check-in & Arrival

• Cookhouse dinner guests meet at the Nordic Center before 5:30 pm.
• Cookhouse lunch guests should plan on arriving at the Nordic Center at least 30 minutes before their seating time.
• Sleep Yurt check-in is best taken care of between 2:00 & 3:00 pm, especially if you are planning on dinner at the Cookhouse that same evening.

PLEASE CALL  719-486-1750 if you cannot arrive at the Nordic Center by 3:00 p.m. for your Sleep Yurt check-in, as special staffing arrangements will need to be made.
Thank you for understanding and complying with our reservation & cancellation policies.  Your cooperation helps us manage our wait lists and keeps food waste to a minimum!