Reservations & Experience

Are you ready for the night at Tennessee Pass?

Plan ahead for a fantastic stay-over in our Sleep Yurts!

How comfortable can you be in the backcountry? Our Sleep Yurts are designed to answer just that question! There’ll be some hiking or skiing to do, a fire to maintain, and some wine to enjoy! Incredible views and hot coffee in the morning will have you wishing you could stay forever! Just the facts, below, to know before you go!

Our Reservations & Cancellations Policies

Please read our reservation policies below & call (719) 486-8114 to make your reservation.


• A reservation is required for all Cookhouse dinners and lunches, and Sleep Yurt rentals.
• RESERVATIONS REQUIRE A CREDIT CARD AND DIRECT CONFIRMATION OF YOUR RESERVATION by a Tennessee Pass staff member or through the online booking system.
• YOU CANNOT MAKE A RESERVATION by leaving a phone or an email message for us- even if you are returning a call about a potential reservation.  Please be sure to speak directly with our staff to confirm all reservations or use the online system for the Sleep Yurts. 
• Entree selections for Cookhouse dinners must be made at least 48 hours in advance of your reservation date.


• Cookhouse dinner reservations require cancellation by phone at least 72 hours prior to your reservation date.
• Sleep Yurt reservations require cancellation by phone within the following times:
•15 days or before 100% refund available. 
•Within 14 days 50% refund available. 
•Within 7 days no refund available. 

Sleep Yurt Confirmations sent at time of reservation and 3 weeks before reservations as a reminder. 

Check-in & Arrival

• Cookhouse dinner guests meet at the Nordic Center before 5:30 pm.
• Cookhouse lunch guests should plan on arriving at the Nordic Center at least 30 minutes before their seating time.
• Sleep Yurt check-in is best taken care of between 2:00 & 3:00 pm, especially if you are planning on dinner at the Cookhouse that same evening.

PLEASE CALL  719-486-1750 if you cannot arrive at the Nordic Center by 3:00 p.m. for your Sleep Yurt check-in, as special staffing arrangements will need to be made.
Thank you for understanding and complying with our reservation & cancellation policies.  Your cooperation helps us manage our wait lists and keeps food waste to a minimum!

What to Expect

  • Reservations are required for the Sleep Yurts. Call (719) 486-8114.
  • Sleep Yurts rent for $250.00 and sleep up to six guests.  Sleeping arrangements are in pairs, as there are three beds in each yurt (a full bed, and a full-over-full bunk bed).
  • Full linens & down comforters on every bed- no need for sleeping bags!
  • Trail fees for all members in the yurt rental party are included for the day of, and the day after the night of your stay (equipment rentals for yurt guests are two days for a one day fee).
  • We accept cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards for Sleep Yurt rentals.
  • Check in for the Sleep Yurts is 3:00pm, and check-out is 11:00am. If you are having dinner at the Cookhouse, we recommend you arrive by at least 3:30 pm, and hike or ski to your yurt to check it out before dinner.  Feel free to come earlier and ski our trails!
  • The Sleep Yurts are located 1.3 mi from the Nordic Center, and just 0.3 mi from the Cookhouse.
  • We can take your bags to your yurt by snowmobile upon check in until 5:00pm.  Restrictions apply.
  • We will also bring your bags back down the following morning. Morning bag service is available between 9:00 & 11:00 am.  Just let us know what time is best for you!
  • Dogs are not permitted in the Sleep Yurts under any circumstances.
  • The yurts are locked by an electronic keypad. You will be given your combination upon check in, and told the location of the emergency key as well.
  • Cell service is spotty to non-existent at the Cookhouse and the Sleep Yurts. There is an emergency phone on the outside front porch of the Nordic Center, 1.3 mi away.
  • Overnight parking in front of the Nordic Center is not permitted. We will show you where to park.
  • Not sure if you can stoke a woodstove? Don’t worry! Complete and simple directions are in your yurt if you need some guidance!
  • Baggage service to the yurts is available, but limited.  Please see baggage delivery chargeson our Sleep Yurts page that may apply.
  • Directions and the route to the Sleep Yurts are easy to understand and follow.  Our staff will describe the route and give you a map at the time of check in.  There are reflective signs that “light the way” (by headlamps issued to you) to the yurts in the event you do not arrive early enough to hike by daylight.
  • There is no smoking in the yurts. Guests that smoke in yurts will be charged a minimum of one night stay for cleaning and damage.
  • There is one outhouse between the two Sleep Yurts.  It is only about 20 ft from each yurt.

Each Yurt Contains

  • 1 full bunk bed & 1 full bed (complete linens & down comforters, one extra synthetic comforter, & both down & extra synthetic pillows), sleeping a total of six in pairs
  • 1 woodstove & stocked firewood in yurt
  • a kitchenette with fresh potable water, sink,  and propane burner
  • pot, pan, cooking & eating utensils, cutting boards, colander, coffee percolator, french press, beer/wine openers
  • sugar, sugar substitute, salt & pepper
  • hand towels, paper towels, napkins, Kleenex
  • plates, bowls, glasses, wine glasses, coffee cups
  • coffee (reg. & decaf), tea varieties, hot chocolate & cider mixes
  • down and/or polar fleece booties for use in yurt
  • chess/checker set & playing cards
  • first-aid kit
  • fire extinguisher