To Reserve  :

You must call the reservation line at


You must provide credit card information to ensure a Cookhouse reservation, and we prefer not to accept that information through our e-mail system.

Reservation inquiries made through          e-mail will not be accepted unless international and unable to make phone calls to US.    

Dinner Reservations are completely booked between                                        December 20 2019 – January 4 2020

Lunch Reservations during this time are extremely limited. 




*No outside food or alcohol is allowed into the Cookhouse Dining area.

*Reservations for dinner and lunch must be cancelled 72 hours before your reservation in order to avoid cancellation penalties.

*Entree selections are required for dinner 72 hours before your reservation.

*No Dogs are allowed in the Cookhouse or the Sleep Yurts

*Check in time is always at least 30 minutes before you scheduled reservation. 

*Dinner always begins at the Cookhouse       at 6pm

*Lunches begin at the Cookhouse                     at 12:00pm or 1:30pm



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