2022-2023 Season Covid Plan

Our Plan

To help Keep You Safe

This letter is to inform those in need of Tennessee Pass Cookhouse’s COVID plan for the 2022-2023 season.
The Office Manager makes all reservations and communicates with every guest to ensure that all information is congruent between guests. The guests are advised on how to prepare for their trip at home and are responsible for packing all personal items. All employees will follow the most current guidelines provided by the Lake County Health Department including wearing facemasks, gloves and following all social distancing protocols. Sneeze guards and spacing stickers will be utilized where necessary. We will be operating at 100% capacity in the Cookhouse and Nordic Center, unless otherwise regulated by the County. At Tennessee Pass we are making some changes and utilizing systems currently implemented to align with all procedures and protocols established by Lake County Health Department. These systems include:

Sleep Yurts

• All duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets are removed and washed between each guest.
• Sanitation of all kitchenette surfaces including chairs, tabletops, and washing/sanitizing of all dishes in between guests with addition of sanitation fogger.
• Hand sanitizer is available in outhouse
• No outdoor fires are ever allowed at the sleep yurts at Tennessee Pass
• All guests are notified ahead of time that 1 party member can check in inside the Nordic Center, the rest of the check in can be conducted outside.


• The Cookhouse will be operating at 100% capacity unless otherwise regulated by LCHD.
• All dinner guests check in after closing hours of the Nordic Center to minimize occupancy.
• All lunch guests will forgo checking in at the Nordic Center unless rentals are needed.
• Lunch guests will purchase trail passes at their reservation in the Cookhouse.
• Hand sanitizer, cleaning products and signage will be available in yurt and outhouses.
• Daily sanitation of all Cookhouse surfaces including menus, salt and pepper shakers, chairs, table tops and bar tops with addition of sanitation fogger.
• Outdoor seating available for lunch when weather permits.

Nordic Center

• The Nordic Center will be operating at 100% capacity unless otherwise regulated by LCHD.
• All trail passes will be available for purchase online.


• Restrooms are not available for Ski Cooper guests, backcountry skiers or folks in the parking lot.
• Outdoor seating available when weather permits.
• Any guests not sitting at an appropriately spaced table inside, will be served for to-go only.
• Daily sanitation of all Nordic Center surfaces including skis, boots, snowshoes, salt and pepper shakers, chairs, table tops and bar tops and benches with addition of sanitation fogger.